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 BEYOND THE CLASSROOM, is an educational project for schools where we educate students / pupils on every other aspect of their life asides from academics. We believe there are other aspects of life that can impede or enhance the well being of the child academics inclusive.

As a life coach and therapist,  I am  been shocked at the different emotional and psychological issues these students go through with their parents completely oblivious of it because of their inability/ unwillingness  to communicate to their parents or even teachers since the absence of proper guidance and counseling in our schools. These young ones who are in every way human like adults also have real time issues which ranges from emotional:

To psychological which include:

These are real time issues for teenagers which when given proper attention would have lots of positive impact on the child, their society and nation at large.

This is the passion that birthed BEYOND THE CLASSROOM PROJECT.  BEYOND THE CLASSROOM is a free Training program for schools to help our students build and develop capacity.  As the name implies, the training is meant to focus on the emotional and psychological aspect of the child or students well being. We are not talking on anything academics (I believe in academic excellence  but that is not the core of this project).

As a matter of fact, with the rate at which things are going, we are already facing a deteriorating situation so much so that if we do not save the younger generation  and help set them on the right part by reprogramming their mindset in the positive direction, we most likely will be dealing with a crisis in the next 5-10years.

On our team are certified coaches,  entrepreneurs, trained counsellors, Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, Neuro linguistics Practitioners as well as trained health/medical practitioners  to ensure that the students have an holistic touch.

NOTE: If you are a teacher or a school owner and you want your school to be a beneficiary of this training whether within or outside Benin, we are open for collaboration (national or international),Sponsorship as well as partnership. Call us  on 0812 828 8358 ( If you are outside Nigeria, add the code +234)


Motto: Every child is a potential  L.E.A.D.S ( Leader, Excellent, Admired, Desired and Sought – after) HENCE THEY DESERVE OUR INVESTMENT!! INVEST IN A CHILD TODAY AND SECURE THE FUTURE.

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