current projects

the fulfilled woman network

The Fulfilled Woman Network  is a platform designed to mentor young women into self discovery. This is to help us(young women) unleash our full potentials. Since self discovery promotes self  motivation, the self motivated woman will in turn cultivate skills that will equip her and groom her to become an expert in harmonising the various aspects of her life, thereby positioning  her to 

beyond the classroom

Beyond the classroom, is an educational project for schools where we educate students / pupils on every other aspect of their life asides from academics. We believe there are other aspects of life  that can impede or enhance the well being of the child academics inclusive.  As a life coach and therapist,  I am  been shocked at the different emotional and psychological issues these students go 



Benin Renaissance is a Personal Development conference that is geared towards Youths reawakening. The conference is a yearly conference that focuses on Youth Capacity Building and Mind Reset.


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